Bad news for home buyers: Price of methamphetamine is rising fast

According to a report by the Drug Enforcement Administration “the price of a pure gram of methamphetamine jumped 84% since October 2006.” 84 percent in just over 1 year! There is a lot of money to be made from making and selling methamphetamine now. Addicts can no longer continue to buy meth at today’s rapidly rising prices. So what will meth addicts so, who “need” to have a drug that they are physically and psychologically addicted to? Get another job to make enough money to buy it? Highly unlikely. Steal from other people to sell items to get more money? More likely. Make their own meth and sell it? That is most likely the choice that meth addicts will make, I think.

Think about it. The sale of methamphetamine is no different than the sale of any commodity. When there is a demand for a product that is in short supply, the cost goes up. Just think about the price of fuel, these days! That’s what has happened to the price of methamphetamine. Supply is going down so the price of the meth drug is going up for its buyers!

According to news reports, government efforts to make it more difficult for meth producers to buy large quantities of pseudoephedrine (the main ingredient in some allergy and cold formulas) have met with some success. News articles that I’ve read say that enforcement and government officials attibute the decline of meth labs to those efforts. In addition, the government has poured a ton of money in to anti-meth use advertisements that have aired on tv stations across America, in an effort to stop more people from becoming addicted to methamphetamine. A Gannett report that I read recently said that only 1 in 3 high school teenagers that they polled think they’d try illegal drugs. Only 1 in 3 teenagers across America? I believe there are just over 16 million high school students in America today, which means that over 5 million high school teenagers might consider trying meth, if it were offered to them. We’ve still got a big. big problem, Houston.

With the price of meth rising so quickly, it isn’t rocket science to figure out that the number of meth labs will rise right along with it. For a meth addict, making their own meth gives them a way to avoid the high cost of buying it from a dealer. The availability of the chemicals they need to make the drug is still easy enough for them to do, despite the government’s efforts. Setting up a meth lab is still easy to do too. Additionally, making their own meth will also provide them with source of significant income when they sell it to those who are looking for a cheaper place to buy the drug they crave.

The meth lab problem in the U.S. is far from being under control, in spite of efforts being made by the government. In my opinion, now that the price of meth has gone up so high, the number of homes and apartments that get used as labs where meth is made will also increase. Buyer and renter, beware. Be very aware.

For more information: “Price of illegal drugs continues to increase” in USA Today.


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