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It has finally happened – my meth lab home update

When I started this meth lab blog, my son found out a few years after buying a foreclosed home in 2004, that his “dream home” in rural Tennessee had previously been used as a meth lab. If this is your first time visiting this site, you can find out more about his story by clicking “My Meth Lab Home Story”, page link that is located at the top of this page.

I am happy to report some good news today! My son no longer owns a home contaminated by meth, according to the testing lab in Washington, DC! His home has been certified as a safe and clean environment! We couldn’t be happier that the decontamination part of this nightmare is finally over!

The bad news is that since my son discovered that his home was contaminated by meth, it has put him nearly $16,000 in debt. A debt resulting from the testing and cleanup, that he and others like him, should never have to be pay in the first place. Someone else contaminated his home. Others who knew about its contamination before he bought it, kept their mouths shut and let him buy it, knowing full well that he would have to pay for the cleanup. But, $16,000 of debt, is only the financial consequence that he has had to deal with since buying what he thought would be his dream home.

The greater challenge of buying and living in a former lab still lies ahead of him, his wife, and his two young sons – the detrimental health effects of having lived in a meth lab home. Their youngest son, my grandson, Continue reading


How Meth Labs can effect your health

Since I began this blog for my son and his family, I have gotten questions from readers about the health consequences of exposure to the toxins produced by meth labs. Personally, the health problems that my grandson, who is 2, is experiencing may be a consequence of his living in a home that was once used as a meth lab. At this point, we don’t really know what’s happening with him. All we know is that he is having problems that are indicative of some kind of brain malfunctioning. We haven’t gotten an “official diagnoses” of his condition, however I suspect it may be Autism. You can read more about my grandson in my earlier posting called “Autism and Meth“.

If you are new to reading this blog, you need to read my son’s meth lab home story. He is not, nor has he ever been, nor has anyone in his family or any of their friends, ever been involved in manufacturing meth. In fact, they don’t know anyone who uses illegal drugs, never mind manufactures them! They are, however, victims of the toxins that remain when a home is used as a meth lab. Please read my son’s story and learn from it.

The Washington State Environmental Health and Safety agency has provided the following information about how meth labs can affect a person’s health. Continue reading

Shark Sighting: Realtor and Insurance Circle Games

When life throws you overboard, you do your best to keep your head above water just to survive. It’s stressful, tiring, and consumes your thoughts during every waking moment. But, when when you notice shark fins beginning to circle you and your family, your stress level multiplies to a whole new level. It’s what I thought when I heard the latest update to my son’s story. What he told me reminded me of how Continue reading

Cleaning Up My Meth Lab Home: Early Estimate

I have gotten a very early estimate of at least $7000 to clean up my home, assuming we had all our furniture and items removed (not that I know where we’d put them…). Once the estimator gives us a final clean-up cost estimate, I will share that with you.

One of my concerns, besides where I’m going to get the money to clean up our home, is whether or not I be able to sell my home, even after it is Continue reading